Using Digital Platforms To Build Political Consciousness And Positivity

This Weblog, I decided to look at Instagram accounts, a podcast, and website by Indigenous artists, media producers, activists, and all of the above at the same time ūüôā I think it’s a great example of the themes touched upon in this week’s films, and a look at how people engage with digital platforms from culturally, socially, and politically specific locations.

A Tribe Called Red: 

This group has been gaining national and international attention over the past several years because of their unique blend of musical genres (often pow wow music blended with electronica) as well as their amazing musical collaborations.

Steven Paul Judd:

An amazing artist, activist, and speaker whose artistic humour cuts right to the bones of many of the political issues facing Indigenous communities in North America.

Moontime Warrior:

Erica Violet Lee is an Indigenous Feminist and community organizer who uses social media and websites to share her political work and view. She was involved in Idle No More and offers cutting critiques of the current political landscape.

Kent Monkman:

Monkman is one of my favourite contemporary visual artists. His work disrupts the normative and taken for granted understandings of history and the present through his alter ego, Miss Chief Testicles, who appears as a character in many of his paintings and installations.

Métis In Space:

Two witty women (re)consider the genre of science fiction using a decolonial analysis.






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