Module 3 Weblog: Post 1

I found the Week 8 discussions and videos quite eye opening. So, in finding postings for this Module’s weblog, I wanted to focus on Indigenous Youth and what opportunities exist for them. InSTEM is a culturally relevant program that is community based and aims to connect Indigenous Youth with STEM projects. The program has a very broad reach of around 30,000 youth in over 200 communities. It was recognized by Indspire and is regarded as a successful practice in Indigenous education.

The programs are designed to build upon previous knowledge and facilitate collaboration and creativity. Programs are designed as camps, clubs and workshops. There are workshops related to mining, coding, mentorship, northern ways of life and many others. InSTEM has found a way to marry traditional ways with current educational practices and focuses. They have taken in to account ecological and cultural practices to ensure safe and appropriate workshops that will benefit its participants.

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