Module 1 – Post 4 – The Impact of Technology on Indigenous Peoples by Kevin Andrews

Because of technology, we now have a new understanding of culture and communication. Indigenous peoples across the world have been affected by the introduction of technologies from foreign cultures for hundreds of years. Some have not dramatically changed their ways of life, while others have completely changed self-identities, entire societies, and worldviews.

Modern technologies, especially telecommunication and computer technologies, allow indigenous groups to participate in the larger societies and economies around them. These technologies also enable them to preserve and promote their way of life for their descendants and for our collective knowledge of human history.

Some resources I’ve been able to find so far that give a general overview of the effect of technology on indigenous cultures include the following:

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  • Warschauer, Mark. “Technology and Indigenous Language Revitalization: Analyzing the Experience of Hawaii”. Homepage online. Available from; Internet; Accessed 21 Sept 2017.


In addition, there are many different examples of beneficial uses of new technology. Several Web sites demonstrate the potential benefits that can be gained by using video conferencing technology, digitization of documents, and radio broadcast over the Internet include the following:

  • U.S. Department of Commerce. “Native American Herbal Tea Company Finds Customers Using Latest Video Technology.” Access America Exporting 11. [e-journal]; Internet; Accessed 21 Sept 2017.


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