Oral Histories Confirmed with Archeological Find

Indigenous communities are working to insure that their oral histories are not lost for ever as elders pass away.  They are documenting language, stories, knowledge much of it online or in electronic form.  Business Insider Australia posted an article noting how an archeological find on Triquet Island on British Columbia’s Central Coast only further supports the oral histories of the Heiltsuk Nation.  The Heiltsuk Nation has shared the story of how their ancestors were able to survive the Ice Age by fleeing to a safe coastal area of Canada.  Remarkably these stories remain accurate for thousands of years, the archeological site is believed to be over 13,800 years old (older then the Egyptian Pyramids).

Oral histories have not been as accepted by mainstream society as written history.  In 1997 with the Supreme Court ruling in the Delgamuukw Land Titles case mainstream society was forced to look at the accuracy and legitimacy of Oral History.  At the same time it seems that Indigenous Peoples have to defend Oral History more then the written word.

A site that connected oral history to archeological evidence would be very interesting?  Would it be useful?  To who?

Garfield, L. (2017, September 6). Retrieved from https://www.businessinsider.com.au/ancient-canadian-village-older-than-pyramids-2017-9

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