Module 3 ~ Post 2: Skills for the Modern World

Historically and euro-centered ideologies have been considered correct and other ways of believing and dealing with life have been considered wrong. So much so, that thousands of missionaries worked tirelessly to teach the “right” way.

In our course readings and videos thus far we have touched on how the ideologies of Indigenous peoples can help the world in the 21st century.   A non-indigenous author, Ulrich E Dupree believes that the traditional Hawaiian forgiveness Ritual, Ho’oponopono can help emotional heal families and relationships.

Nina Wagner, Co-founder of the non-profit organization, the Vanishing Cultures Project believes that Indigenous Cultures could save the modern world from itself.   Noting that the “modern world needs the perspectives and wisdom of indigenous and traditional peoples now more than ever”.

Indigenous cultures did not fail to become modernized. They were cultures that developed based on ideologies that respected the land and sought a spiritual connection with the world they were in. Indigenous cultures can teach us ways we can stay mentally and physically healthy, and care for our world.

National Geographic author and advocate for indigenous cultures Wade Davis said, “All these peoples’ cultures teach us of other ways of being, other ways of thinking, other ways of orienting yourself in the earth. And this is an idea, if you really think about, that can only fill you with hope.”


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