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A wealth of information

The course asked us to visit a number of different websites this past week, and one of the sites to visit was the National Film Board’s (NFB) collection of films documenting life in the Arctic, made for and by the Inuit themselves. The playlist is titled, “Unikkausivut – Sharing our Stories” and is an invaluable resource for all Canadians.


Report of the Special Committee to Review the Education Act – November 2015
Interesting read in light of this week’s readings. There is a suggestion that the education act be revised to focus less on Inuit culture and language. This doesn’t seem to be in line with what the youth from last week’s videos were asking for.

Inuit throat singers at Trudeau’s swearing in ceremony

Hopeful that this is not merely a gesture, but an authentic desire to include as many of Canada’s people as possible in this event. What a sweet presentation it is. Unforgettable.

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Young Inuit throat singers performed at Trudeau's swearing-in ceremony today

Posted by The Globe and Mail on Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Reflections on portrayal of Native American culture in children’s literature

I found this book on a U of T sight with a list of useful resources about aboriginal education. (
“An important collection for teachers, filled with essays criticizing children’s books and their portrayal of Native American culture. The essays in this book also help to broaden understanding of Native cultures.”