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Module 4, Post 2 – Teaching Resources

One aspect that has come up in the discussions is the point that many people would like to improve our practice but are at a loss when it comes to finding resources or information to help us expand our ideas.

This website is designed specifically for educators looking to expand their knowledge about First Nations, Inuit, and Metis worldviews. Their mission is to help teachers infuse these worldviews into teaching. This is a beautifully designed website, and absolutely packed with information.


The Yukon First Nations Education Resource has curriculum type documents including lesson plans and teacher guides.



Module 1 Post 5: Walking Together and Talking Together

Walking Together is an interactive website that was created to promote First Nation, Metis and Inuit (FNMI) content and perspectives in Alberta curriculum.   It contains many personal perspectives from various members of Alberta’s FNMI communities and is intended for teacher, administrator and adult stakeholder use, not classroom use or student instruction. Three of the project’s goals are:

  1. increase teachers’ understanding of the expertise and knowledge held within the rich and diverse FNMI cultures in Alberta
  2. strengthen teachers’ confidence to include and infuse FNMI content and perspectives in their daily instruction
  3. encourage teachers to explore teaching and learning from an Indigenous perspective.

Talking Together is a discussion guide that accompanies Walking Together.  It provides sample workshops and activities that are designed to promote dialogue among teachers, administrators, school board members, school council members, parents and community members.