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Module 4.3 Aboriginal Perspectives and the Social Studies Curriculum

This literature review explores the following question: “To what extent do teacher attitudes, norms, values, basic assumptions, and behaviour influence authentic inclusion, infusion, and embedding of Aboriginal perspectives in the Alberta Social Studies Program?”  Ottman and Pritchard (2010) discuss why it is difficult for many teachers to integrate Aboriginal cultures and perspectives as they have not had the appropriate educational background to prepare them for such diverse classrooms.  They introduce culturally responsive classrooms and how teachers can prepare for teaching that is more culturally sensitive, including: self-reflection, evaluation of values and beliefs, using resources, teaching material, and instructional strategies that respect the culture, life experience, and the learning needs of each student; and acknowledging the contribution that each student has made to the culture and learning dynamic of the classroom.


Module 2 – Post 1: Social Media as a Tool for Inclusion


This is a report of the findings of research commissioned by Human Resources and Skill Development Canada. The study sought to determine the extent, nature and benefits of social media use by vulnerable populations – Aboriginal peoples being one of those populations — and by the institutions that serve them, and to explore the extent to which such media help to overcome social isolation and barriers to inclusion in Canadian society. The report suggests that First Nations and Inuit peoples have embraced social media to keep in touch with their communities, fight addiction, showcase Aboriginal arts and crafts, preserve cultural identity and support political advocacy.