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Module 4: Post #5- Indigenous and Education Issues

On further research into curriculum and resources to teach students about human rights and ways to break down stereotypes and racism towards Aboriginal communities, led me to the explore the Canadian Museum of Human Rights in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. (https://humanrights.ca/).

This then took me to the following website, Speak Truth to Power Canada (http://sttpcanada.ctf-fce.ca/) which includes links to different defenders for Human Rights.

Below are links to biographies, interviews, resources and lesson plans from three Aboriginal Leaders.

Lesson Plans


Wilton LittleChild, Ph.D, Cree Chief, Residential School Survivor and Lawyer

– Truth and Reconciliation resources


Mary Simon, Advocate for Inuit Rights and Culture

– Cultural Identity and Education resources

“Respect each other. Doesn’t matter who you are, if you’re an Inuk, a First Nations, Métis, French Canadian, English Canadian, or somebody from another country. Respect each other, each other’s culture, each other’s identity, and accommodate the differences. It’s a big world.” (Mary Simon,  http://sttpcanada.ctf-fce.ca/lessons/mary-simon/interview/)


Karihwakè:ron Tim Thompson, of the Mohawk Nation’s bear clan at Wahta Mohawk Territory, advocate for Indigenous and Education Issues

– Equitable Education for All resources