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Module 4 – Post 5: Protest 2.0: Online Interactions and Aboriginal Activists

Theresa Petray’s article, Protest 2.0: Online Interactions and Aboriginal Activists, examines the ways in which social movements, like every other aspect of life, have become increasingly reliant on the internet for networking and information sharing. The article offers an in-depth look at the ways in which the internet and social networking sites have been coopted by disadvantaged groups with few resources, such as First Nations communities, to make their struggle known to a wide audience, to build coalitions, and to gain support to further their cause.

Module 3 – Post 5: Social Media Planning in a Comprehensive Community Planning Handbook

This is a handbook prepared by a community of Canadian First Nations groups that outlines some of the lessons they learned through their experiences community planning and offers information regarding “best practices” to strengthen future implementation. The handbook includes a section about social media’s role in fostering communication and networking amongst groups, and offers an interesting insight into the value that is inherent in a “from the ground-up” approach to ensure the success of community planning within indigenous communities.