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Programs for Indigenous Youth in Canada

For my second post in Module 2, I wanted to share some of the websites I did not list in the discussion board that I have found for my project on extra-curricular activities and school based programs designed for Indigenous Youth in Canada.

1. StatCan Participation in Sports and Cultural Activities
Using information from the Aboriginal Peoples Survey (APS) of children and youth, StatCan compiled information about Aboriginal youth participation in sports and cultural activities. The survey includes important data that made a connection between youth that participated in sports and those that also participated in extra-curricular activities. The survey also explains that the use of an Aboriginal language and spending time with Elders are connected to participation in cultural activities.

2. Indigenous Youth Futures Partnership
The Indigenous Youth Futures Partnership is based out of Carleton University and is a seven-year SSHRC-funded partnership grant. They work with First Nations communities in Northwestern Ontario. The objective of the program is to encourage young community leaders by enhancing cross-generational relationships, empowering youth voices, strengthening cultural identity and helping sustain communities.

3. IndigenEYEZ

IndigenEYEZ hosts youth camps for Indigenous youth and adults in BC. The program uses the Creative Community Model to empower and inspire future community leaders. They integrate a holistic approach, by integrating four essential relationships: with self, with others, with nature, and with culture. They host annual summer camps and offer customized community workshops.

Module 3, Post 3 – Youth Organizations

The videos also made me wonder what types of organizations are available to provide programing and positive environments for Aboriginal youth.

AYO! is a youth volunteer group that provides relationships with local businesses, organizations, and media. They are looking to provide opportunities for aboriginal youth.

The Canada World Youth has leadership programs for all youth, but they also have a specific section for Aboriginal youth. It follows their leadership principles but is also focused on Aboriginal culture and knowledge.

The NFB has an Aboriginal Perspectives section which has a youth section. In this section is a number of different organizations for Aboriginal youth.