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First Nations Dance in Physical Education-Module 1


I decided to focus my research on a subject I am very familiar with, physical education, and try to find connections with both first peoples, education (specifically PE) and also technology. After beginning my research I realize it is going to be difficult to tie all three of these topics together, however with some creative lessons I feel it can be done. I have spent the past 6 years in elementary schools and as a high school trained physical educator it is difficult to spark interest in the younger students, especially with subjects like dance. Yes, surprising, but unless they feel connected to the topic, they lose interest easily. I think this research will help me create lessons that not only tie students to the first peoples rich community I currently work in, but will help them learn how to express themselves in a new way. 


In Our Own Words-First Peoples Content k-3 Classroom

This is a website that links to a PDF containing lessons and resources on how to introduce the first peoples culture into the k-3 classroom. Since I currently teach k-5 PE I feel this is a valid resource. There are two units I felt could be integrated easily, with some creative lessons, into physical education; The Spirit of Celebration and The Power of Stories. Using these topics as a starting off point to a dance unit would be great.


Native Dance

This is an incredible website that contains video, lessons, and ideas about native dance across the country. This would be an excellent starting off point for students looking to create a dance to honour first people. It also has some great examples for them to view.


Cultural Dances Offer World Benefits

I took this resource mostly because it is from one of my favourite papers, but also because it has some great ideas on why cultural dance should be taught to youth. Not only is dance beneficial physically but it can help students feel more tied to their communities.


Statistics Canada

I teach at a school that has a very high population of first nations students and found this extremely interesting. It is from statistics Canada and gives some insight into the number of first nations youth who actually participate in cultural activities and extra curricular activities, which will provide some great points for my study on first nations dance in gym class.


Art and Styles of Pow Wow Dancing

This final website is mostly beneficial to me, as a physical educator, in that it breaks down the pow wow dance in detail. It gives some excellent examples of the elaborate costumes worn and could be used with students in the classroom. It also speaks to the importance of storytelling in the dance itself, something I feel will help students connect with the topic more.

Statistics Canada – Aboriginal Youth Data

Stats Can

The Statistics Canada (Stats Can) website is useful for anyone gathering statistical data for their research project.  Although this data was generated in 2011 from the National Household Survey, it is still relevant and accurate (as we all know Stats Can generates quality data).  This data is separated into three categories, Aboriginal (First Nations people), Metis, as well as Inuit (which would be useful for narrowing your research).  Interestingly, Stats Can indicates that the information compiled is incomplete as some groups did not participate in this survey or the survey was incomplete due to natural disasters such as forest fires.  So while the information gathered is quality data, it may not reveal the entire aboriginal community experience in Canada.

To access this website, go to: http://www12.statcan.gc.ca/nhs-enm/2011/as-sa/99-011-x/99-011-x2011001-eng.cfm#a9

Ronaye Kooperberg (Module 3 – Post 1)