Accomplishment Statement Lab 1-5

The accomplishment of five labs in GEOB 270, Introduction to Geographic Science, provided a thorough introduction to the different skills necessary in order to carry out effective and constructive analysis of different case scenarios in the field of geography and beyond. Beneath is a list of accomplishment statements achieved at the end of each respective lab.

Lab1: Introduction to GIS and ArcGIS

Understanding ArcCatalog, connecting folders, manipulating layer information and understanding their content while simultaneously understanding the importance of having clearly labelled, organised layers and data files for easy transfer of spatial information.

Lab 2: Understand Geographic Data

Understanding the content of different layers, and the content found in the attributes table, and most importantly understanding the importance of coordinate system and how to correct misaligned spatial data to

Lab3:Planning for a Tsunami

Use ArcToolbox and the overlay tool to create new layers in order focus our analysis on areas, roads and facilities in the tsunami danger zone in the city of Vancouver

Lab 4: Housing Affordability

Understand the different quantitative data classifications that symbolise the data in different ways in order to manipulate the data and portray messages with different meanings for different ends.

Lab 5: Planning a Ski Resort: Environmental Impact Assessment

Learned to acquire, parse and filter data, and to evaluate as well as analyse it using appropriate tools in ArcTool box in order to construct a final map portraying an effective explanation and sending a clear message to its audience.

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