Lecture 2016/11/04

Today we’ll finish up our 2-D DP handout.

  • For Monday, please read section 6.8 (the last required section in the dynamic programming chapter, although I recommend the other sections as interesting reading, particularly if you’re continuing on to CPSC 445, which uses DP heavily). No reading quiz.
  • Don’t forget we have an assignment due Thursday! Keep up with the post pinned on Piazza with some (largely minor but still important) updates on the assignment.

Lecture 2016/11/02

We’ll continue our longest common subsequence problem in class today.

  • Get started on the Assignment somewhat dubiously numbered “4” that is due on Thursday 10 Nov! It’s posted on this blog.
  • Read Section 6.6 and complete the pre-class quiz by noon Friday.
  • If you have US citizenship: vote! I did 🙂

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