PageRank info session and bonus problems

If you’re interested in learning about how the PageRank algorithm actually works, I’ll be holding a session about it on Friday 21 October from 5-6 pm in Swing 105.

I’ve also written a tutorial that you can look over if you can’t make the session, or if you’re interested in reading up on this earlier. There are two problems at the end that can earn you up to 3 bonus points: you can submit your solutions to me anytime before the final exam (date TBD).

Full Assignment/Quiz 1 (post Wed 12PM tutorial)

Now that all the tutorials are done, here’s the full assignment version of the first set of quizzes. Note that there’s no additional problem, but there are additional parts to some of the problems from the tutorial quizzes.

READ THE ACADEMIC CONDUCT GUIDELINES! We give you a lot of freedom to collaborate in order to better learn and succeed in the course. We hate having to prosecute cheating cases, but we do so when you ignore these guidelines. If in doubt, ask!

Assignment/Quiz 1, Mon 9AM Question

As the tutorials conclude, I’ll post the individual quiz questions here so you can get to work on them even before your tutorial. (Normally, I’ll schedule these to release at the end of each tutorial.) At the end of the last tutorial of the week (usually the Wed tutorial except possibly in Thanksgiving week), I’ll post the collected assignment.

Here’s the Mon 9AM question in its assignment version. (Assignment versions may have an extra part or two.)


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