This schedule is currently tentative. However, we do not expect any required dates or times to be added to the schedule.


Flow of a Typical 2-Week Unit

A typical 2-week unit starts with the pre-class prep work for that unit’s workshop. The unit then stretches to the next workshop—though we’ll occasionally deviate from this schedule:

Stage Activity
Pre-workshop prep work (often including technical setup)
Workshop (Sat AM) Initial practice with technology/skill
Workshop (Sat PM) Graded TA and peer project design/code reviews; individual assignment work
First lab (Tue/Wed) Supplemental instruction; facilitated assignment or project work
Pre-2nd lab (Tue 4PM) Assignment due (push to-be-graded version to repo)
Second lab (2nd Tue/Wed) Assignment grading demos; facilitated project work
Next Sat workshop On to the next unit; Scrum updates due at 10pm

Flow of the Term

CPSC 436I has three types of scheduled meetings:

Workshops in DMP 110 + DMP 101/ICCS X350
Every other Saturday beginning May 11, from 10AM–3:30PM in two parts: a hands-on introduction to a new set of technologies by an industry speaker (10AM to roughly 12:30PM) and facilitated sessions to practice with that technology (roughly 1–3PM) with a brief lunch break between the two.
Labs in ICCS X050
Two hours in the early evening every week (Tuesday or Wednesday, according to your registration). A module’s first week lab starts with an hour of hands-on supplemental instructions followed by facilitated work time. The second week lab starts with an hour of individual assignment demo grading and then more facilitated work time.
End-of-Term Conference:
On Aug 10 (three weeks after the last workshop), teams present their final projects to other teams, course staff, and university and industry guests. (Tentatively scheduled in DMP for 10AM–1:30PM, but please reserve the usual 10AM–3:30PM block.) All CPSC 436I deadlines are on or before August 10th.

Below is a detailed schedule of modules labelled by their kickoff workshop date. We have no labs or other course work before the first workshop.

Workshop Date Planned Subject Speaker Host Special Notes
11 May HTML/CSS/Javascript Ian Danya No pre-workshop assignment
25 May React, Redux, Meteor, and the “Front End” Danya Steve
8 June NodeJS, Meteor, and other framework “Back Ends” Daniel Ian
22 June NoSQL and MongoDB Amreen Steve
6 July Release Engineering Dorothy Danya
20 July Career Preparation: Portfolio Building and Networking Jeremy Ian
10 August Final Conference!

Important dates to be aware of over the summer:

6 May:
Start of Summer Session Term 1
17 May:
Last day for CPSC 436I students to drop without a W.
20 May (Mon):
Victoria Day holiday
1 June–7 June:
Large conference using many of UBC’s scheduled spaces. CPSC 436I labs proceed normally!
14 June:
Last day for withdrawal w/W from CPSC 436I.
20 June:
Last day of Term 1 classes.
24–28 June (Mon–Fri):
Term 1 exams. We will discuss CPSC 436I labs for this week with you as the time approaches!
1 July (Mon)
Canada Day holiday
2 July (Tue)
Term 2 classes start
5 July
Last day for Term 2 drop w/out W
19 July
Last day for Term 2 drop w/W
5 Aug (Mon)
BC Day holiday
9 Aug
Last day of classes Term 2. (CPSC 436I’s final conference is on 10 Aug.)
13 Aug–17 Aug (Tue–Sat)
2019S2 exam period