Waitlist Policies

Waitlisted students: Be sure to participate fully in the course to maintain your standing, and be ready to be flexible with your project group assignment.

Standing on the waitlist: Students on the waitlist will be considered for admission to CPSC 436I in the order normally set by the CPSC department except no students will be moved from the waitlist from the start of term (May 6) until after the first workshop (May 11), and waitlisted students who do not attend that workshop or are substantially late will be removed from the waitlist without the opportunity to join the course.

Waitlisted students in project groups: We may form project groups entirely from waitlisted students or by replacing students who dropped from existing teams, but we are unlikely to provide free choice of group to waitlisted students.

Planned update to policy for next offering after 2019S: Your availability for lab sections may also affect when you are moved into the course. (I.e., we need space in both lecture and a lab you can attend to add you to the course.)


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