Bitcoin Economics (for the layman)


Without going into too much depth, I would like to publish an image that I put together last year. Essentially, this chart quite succinctly exemplifies the economics of Bitcoin. The only given is that the supply growth will slow according to Bitcoin’s underlying core protocol code. So, IF the awareness of the virtual currency continues to grow internationally, the adoption continues to increase on a global scale, and new commercial accessibility/mass adoption applications continue to be introduced THEN the price could likely move in a trend as seen on the chart. Especially once supply growth halves next July.

Basically, my presumption is that these last three factors are┬áthe main influences on demand. While political risk continues to have some merit, the permissive and dare I say “Laissez-Faire” attitude of most governments around the world towards BTC does not seem to be a legitimate┬áconcern at this stage.

Hope you enjoyed this brief rant.

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