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My name is Diana Morris and I am an enthusiastic, dynamic, compassionate, and highly motivated educator who is dedicated to creating positive and engaging classroom environments.

From the bottom of my heart, I truly believe that I was born to teach. By the age of four I was already asking my parents for pointer sticks, clipboards, and red pens for my birthday because, in my young mind, these tools were necessary to become an educator. As I got older, my desire to teach and work with children continued to grow.  I pursued my passion for working with kids from a young age by baby sitting in my community, working as a birthday party leader and cooking instructor for my local RecCentre, becoming a high school mentor with Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and getting involved with my local district’s Elementary Summer Programs. Throughout all of my experiences working with children – both in and out of the classroom – I have been continually inspired by young learners. It is the amalgamation of all my positive experiences that motivated me to pursue teaching as my career.

Furthermore, I myself have always genuinely loved to learn. For me, teaching provides an opportunity to inspire a love of life-long learning in my students. During my practicum experience, I realized just how much I enjoy watching students develop their passions and engage with their education. In my opinion, being a part of the learning process is truly one of the most rewarding experiences.

 A tribute to my big brother…

aaron and IAlthough I have been lucky to have had very positive experiences throughout my education journey, a very important person in my life, my big brother, struggled continuously throughout his schooling. Despite being one of the most brilliant and genuinely inquisitive people I know, my brother had a difficult time in school because he struggles with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Growing up, I saw first-hand the profound impact that a teacher can have on a student – both good and bad. Hearing my brother speak about his experiences as a student with ADHD has undoubtedly shaped who I am as an educator. Growing up with my brother has taught me to be more patient, more compassionate, and more open-minded. To this day, my brother continues to challenge me to think differently how various learning differences shape student success and he reminds me that when it comes to exceptionalities in the classroom, teaching with heart is key.


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