Language Learning (Core French)

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I chose to specialize in Core French instruction because I love learning languages. In my opinion, the ability to speak a second language is a highly valuable skill that leads to many fulfilling opportunities. Personally, I have a passion for traveling and experiencing other cultures and I have found that being able to speak and understand a foreign language allows for a deeper and richer cultural understanding and appreciation.

When teaching French, I have two primary goals. Number one, build up students’ confidence and minimize (or better yet, eliminate) the fear of making mistakes.  Number two, show students that learning a foreign language is fun! In my mind, these two goals go hand-in-hand.

My approach to language learning in founded on the Ten Principles of Language Learning. These principles guide and shape my practice and help me to ensure that my students and learning French in rich, meaningful, and authentic ways.

My pedagogy is built on the communicative method which follows a gradual release of responsibility model. This method ensures that language learning is appropriately scaffolded for learners. By using this technique I have seen students confidence and language proficiency increase dramatically.

The Communicative Method

  1. Modelthe teacher models the correct and authentic usage of the desired phrase using gestures to reinforce understanding
  2. Shared Practice – the teacher and the students work together to build on using the desired phrase. The teacher continues to model and supports students in using the phrase through an activity.
  3. Guided Practicethe students are invited to use the phrase to complete the activity with the teacher in close proximity to offer support when necessary.
  4. Independent Practice*the students are invited to use the phrase independently.

*Independent practice can be extended throughout many lessons. Furthermore, activities can be adapted to meet students’ needs.

Here is a sample lesson plan on teaching hair and eye colour as part of my Moi, mes amis, et ma famille (Me, My Friends, and My Family) unit.

To support students with their independent practice at home, I created YouTube videos that students could follow to improve their pronunciation. Click on the link to see the video on key vocabulary for our unit on Les Olympiques.



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