The files shared here are from recent public presentations.  I would be pleased to answer any questions you may have about their content. I would be honoured if you find any content worthy of sharing with others. If you do use this material, please do so with appropriate acknowledgments.



June : European Forum on Integrated Assessment, Scale in Integrated Assessment Scale in IA.pps

August : CDC presentation on climate change and infectious disease ICEID.pps



January: Presented in many fora with Richard Tol, An integrated assessment of climate change, development and malaria Tol and Dowlatabadi.pps

May: IRI Workshop on Visioning, Uncertainty Unc_Env.pps



January: Presentation at the International Energy Workshop, Stanford, actual residential demand does not respond to prices or information as theorized Cant Pay.pps

September: Presentation at the International Dengue Workshop, Havana on next integrated assessment of dengue Dengue-IPK.pps



October: OECD workshop on mitigation economics, Paris, This is a presentation on modelling technical change Modelling techchange.pps.

October: International Human Dimensions Program, Montreal, A presentation on how to model long term impacts from development attractor projects using 150 years of arctic history Strategic Impact Assessment.pps.



September: ISEEE inaugural public lecture on climate change (Calgary) No_policy_good_enough2004.pps.



May: Presentation at the Natural Resources Canada Workshop on Adaptation planning, Sustainability in the arctic Arctic_Sustainability.pps.



May: Presentation at the CDMC Workshop on Catastrophic loss insurance, Washington DC, CC_Insurance.pps.

December: An invited talk at U of Washington, Seattle, it provides an overview of the context surrounding climate change CC_always_bridesmaid.pps.



January: Presentation at LIGI, UBC on the UK policy to tax tailpipe emissions and its implication for rapid rise in market share of diesels and their adverse impact on chronic health effects due to poorer local air quality UK-diesels.pps.

January: Presentation at EOS, UBC on geo-engineering Geoengineering.pps.

March: Presentation at the Celebrate Research Week, Vancouver, characterizing the media’s capacity to cover a problem like climate change Media_CC.pps.

May: Invited plenary for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Annual Meeting, Calgary, this is a presentation about offsets and managing the footprint of cities Footprints.pps.



September: Presentation at ISEEE, University of Calgary, using my sabbatical experience to provide an overview of real world reasons why some technologies fail to be adopted more broadly Tech Diffusion.pdf.

September: An invited at WADE, Calgary, on the design of better policies for adoption of cogeneration technologies Cogen-policy.pdf.

October: Invited talk on integration of science for the science teachers conference, UBC TEACHIN.pdf.

November: Invited talk at Singapore first International Energy Conference, a short talk on synergy between the climate challenge and sustainable development SEC-C-business.pdf.



January: Presentation at EOS on ground source heat pumps and their potential to reduce GHGs in the right context GSHP explained.pdf.

April: Presentation at the Liu critiquing the ideology that market forces are an efficient approach to  GHG reductions Pricing Carbon.pdf.

May: Auto21 invited presentation showcasing collaboration between academics, industry and public sector. This is a talk about our project to reduce exposure to air pollutants from public transit Betterpublictransit.pdf.

November: IRES talk on Copenhagen explaining why it is bound to fail Copenhagen.pdf.



January: Invited presentation at Workshop on emergent zoonotic diseases, Ottawa, offering a road map toward successful integration across multiple agencies at different scales Emerging_zoonotics.pps.

March: Opening presentation for UBC AMS conference on sustainability, this is a presentation asking whose idea of sustainability we should be paying attention to Whose Sustainability.pdf.

October 16th: Plenary at the annual meeting of the US Association of Energy Economics, Calgary, Alberta.  The talk provides a short summary of how different technologies have failed to be broadly adopted IAEE-Hadi-2010.pdf

October 27th: Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions public talk on sea level rise and coastal storms PICS-SLR.pdf.



October 16: BC’s LNG: riches or mirage?

Presented at APEGBC on BC’s LNG prospects.  In this presentation I discuss the economics, environmental and policy dimensions of BC’s LNG play.