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We would be grateful for all useful feedback, as – phoney customer-relations-speak aside – such comments are by definition “useful” and “feedback.”

Please fill in the comments-form below, and we will strive to our utmost to add information and updates, answer all queries, and respond to all comments; and to do so as fast as humanly possible.
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Some possible topics:

  • Any of our own internal links – to parts of this Research Cluster site – that lead to apologies for non-existence
  • Forthcoming events and activities
  • Websites that ought to be listed, or whose locations have changed, or are going to
    (NB: UBC’s Program in Medieval Studies is working on a new website. As some members of the Early Romance cluster are also on the Medieval Studies committee, we will of course update our link to the new site as soon as this work is completed – and indeed announce its renaissance with trumpet fanfares)
  • Last but not least: if you are a faculty member or student – from the Department of French, Hispanic, and Italian studies; or from elsewhere in UBC – interested in joining the Cluster

We also welcome comments here on more general topics:

  • Questions
  • Suggestions for improvements to the site – layout, navigation, and other practical matters
  • Topical tips
  • Issues of syntax and semantics, in both human and computational languages
  • Spelling and grammatical mistakes
  • Inconsistencies and other niggles, however minute (the web administratrix thrives on this sort of thing)
  • Vagueness, ambiguity, confusion, and incoherence
  • Errors of fact or judgment
  • Updates to same
  • Complaints about any material on this site – and any other gripes and grievances. Unfortunately, we must restrict this to matters directly associated with this site: we can’t help with noisy neighbours, the state of the nation, or the weather.
  • Any other sorts of feedback not covered above. We aim for crystal clarity of the sort that might hope to satisfy criteria for the Internet Crystal Mark from the Plain English Campaign.

Information on the site is as provided, although the administratrix does a certain amount of checking and cross-checking, within the limits of time available, dans la mesure du possible.

To communicate your comments, type your pearls of wit and wisdom in the box immediately after this sentence, and press the “submit” button immediately after the box.


Thank you!

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