Site update: now with virtual flying buttresses

Notre-Dame de Chartres; image c/o "Chartres: Cathedral of Notre Dame," University of Pittsburgh Digital LibraryThe following information has been added and/or tweaked on the ABOUT THE CLUSTER page; I hope it proves useful. All the information below is in spatial relation to the ABOUT page, and also works for any of the other pages on this site (over to your left, under the orange title); the site format being different for posts–such as this present one.

Onto the updated information:

If you would like to be kept apprised of ERS goings-on: various options are at your disposal, on the right-hand side of this site, below the list of links and Notre-Dame de Chartres’s flying buttresses:

• “Follow the ERS Research Cluster by email” enables you to receive notification by email of ERS news, updates, and other information posted here; note that this does not need to be a UBC email address–any email address is fine: whatever is most convenient for you–and that this is equivalent to an email subscription.

• “Facebook” links directly to our Facebook page, c/o which you can “befriend” and “follow” us over on Facebook.

• “Entries RSS” offers you further possibilities of receiving ERS news via RSS feed (on which, see here for further explanation), be that to your web-browser of choice, or your email inbox, or both.

If you are interested in joining the cluster and actively participating in it: please do contact us c/o the Cluster convenor, Juliet O’Brien.

We also provide a VIRTUAL COMMENTS FORM for general feedback.

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