Jamille Barretto & Chantal Phan: “Languages in contact: the case of early Portuguese”; Mon. 26 January 2015

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On Monday, January 26 at 3:00 P.M., in Buchanan Tower, room 799 (FHIS Lounge),

the UBC Early Romance Studies Research Cluster will present two short research talks on:


Chantal Phan will talk about Occitan and French influence on the medieval Gallego-Portuguese lyric, especially the “Cantigas de amigo”. In these songs that both imitate and renew existing styles, a female persona sings of the ocean and of the man she loves, who is far away — this being a reversal of a predominant troubadour theme: a male persona sings to the far-away, inaccessible Lady.  The talk will include recorded examples.

Jamille Barreto will discuss “17th-c. Portuñol.”  Modern speakers of Portuguese and Spanish like to refer to the occasional blend of the two languages, which share a myriad of similarities, as portuñol. But the origins of this magnetic linguistic blend are much older and point to the diglossic Iberian Peninsula of the 17th century. This talk will include a look at some period documents.

Both presentations will be in English.

Everyone is welcome!

Info: juliet.obrien@ubc.ca  or  chantal.phan@ubc.ca

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