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I’ve had a series of blog discussion with Tad McIlwraith as a result of his call for a list of BC ethnographies (see: http://tinyurl.com/29squal ).  What has piqued my curiosity is that all of the ethnographies that have been listed are about First Nations people. So, my question to you:  Can you suggest ethnographies about […]

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CLimate Change, not Overfishing Killing Off Salmon

Acidified ocean water threatens marine life from Mexico to Vancouver Island Greenhouse gases have so profoundly altered the world’s oceans that scientists say “corrosive” acidified water is now surfacing off the west coast of North America. The water, capable of dissolving the shells of marine organisms, is rising up from the deep ocean along the […]

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Is Wind Power Really Green Power?

Power Plans Threaten Coastal Forests — Sierra Club of BC The Sierra Club has clipped an article from the Vancouver Sun that highlights some of the serious problems associated with the rush to develop wind power on BC’s north coast. Is stripping away all of the forest cover and topsoil to plant 300 foot wind […]

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