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I’ve had a series of blog discussion with Tad McIlwraith as a result of his call for a list of BC ethnographies (see: http://tinyurl.com/29squal ).  What has piqued my curiosity is that all of the ethnographies that have been listed are about First Nations people. So, my question to you:  Can you suggest ethnographies about […]

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First Nations Curriculum Makes Learning Relevant

Originally published in the Georgia Straight By rob mcmahon Publish Date: 19-Aug-2004 The Gitga’at community of Hartley Bay is located 145 kilometres southeast of Prince Rupert. The school there houses just 55 students from kindergarten to Grade 12. Tiny and remote, with a close relationship with the local Tsimshian band council, Hartley Bay is perfectly […]

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Gitxaala Nation Video Project

For several years we have been engaged in producing videos as part of the research project. One of the outcomes is a documentary about Gitxaala Nation. The documentary reflects our, that is the production team’s, perspective. As a way to open the conversation we have taken four clips and posted them on a special web […]

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