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VCER2 tutorial handout 

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VCER workshop schedule

VCER workshop schedule  timetable (PDF) VCER Workshop 2013 July 18-19 Day 1 (July 18 / THU) Sandrine, Denise, Diana, Kwesi , Yoriko 1:00- 1:30 Introducing VCER 1:30-2:00 virtual world education in English language study 2:00-2:30 Virtual world registration 2:30-2:45 Virtual world browser download and

VCER workshop Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials:   Playlist: Tutorial handout (PDF): Handout  If you are looking for more advanced tutorials, please check Registration: Browser download: Browser Set Up Introducing the Browser Navigation Teleportation Interactivity Avatar Customization Communication Object Modifications      

VCER workshop tutorial handout

VCER workshop tutorial handout  

Tutorial #6. Building in VCER

Downloadable PDF handout: VCER tutorial_6_Building In this tutorial you will learn Where are the sandboxs in VIEW, The building interface, How to move, rotate, stretch, align and link object, Object modification, Texture, Advanced texture Show website in VIEW Object flexibility, light, physics

Tutorial #5. Edit Appearance in VCER

Downloadable PDF handout: VCER tutorial_5_Appearances In this tutorial you will learn the basic on how to change your avatar appearance.

Tutorial #4. Interact with objects and avatars in VCER

Downloadable PDF handout:  VCER  tutorial_4_Interaction In this tutorial you will learn how to interact with objects (such as: sit, take, wear, and detach object).   You will also learn how to communicate and interact with other avatars in VIEW.  

Tutorial #3. Navigation in VCER

Downloadable PDF handout:  VCER  tutorial_3_Navigation In this tutorial you will learn how to navigate in VCER. Includes: Walk, Fly, View, Map, Teleport, Landmark, and OSurl

Second Life tutorial #2 Login to Second Life

Second Life Tutorial_2_Login to Second Life In this tutorial you will find how to login to Second Life with Firestorm browser.  

Tutorial #2. VCER virtual world browser setup

Downloadable PDF handout:  VCER  tutorial_2_VEC browser setup In this tutorial you will find how to set up your virtual world browser for UBC – VCER  


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