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This is a category to record the development of UBC Virtual Immersive Educational World. History, progress, and important events.

VCER Development in progress

2014 February 3, UBC-VIEW changed name to UBC-VCER (Virtual Commons for Education and Research) 2014 January 21, Sloodle is functional in VIEW 2013 June 13, UBC- VIEW Map function is enabled in Viewer 2. 2013 May 29, UBC- VIEW created the following regions: Mountain


Access to the University of British Columbia Virtual Commons for Education and Research (UBC-VCER) in OpenSim is conditional upon your affiliation with the UBC and the information you provided when you created your account. By visiting and using the UBC-VCER in

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VCER: Virtual Commons for Education and Research

UBC Virtual Commons for Education and Research (VCER) Dr. Sandrine Han’s research project funded by the UBC Faculty of Education in 2012. VCER is a virtual environment for educational use only. This environment invites educators from K-12 to higher education to


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