Assignment 2:3 – Proposal Outline

Proposal for Increasing Participation of the VPL Children and Infant Literacy Programs


           A. Background information on the Vancouver Public Libraries and their programs

           B. Description of how the library programs work   

           C. Description of the benefits of literary programs for children

           D. Purpose of this report

           E. Brief description of data sources

           F. Scope of this inquiry


 A. Study in young families’ participation

  1. Knowledge of programs and habits of use   
  2. Branch locations being used and frequency of visits
  3. How families hear about these programs
  4. Reasons for stopping use of programs
  5. Other city-wide programs being used instead

 B. Differences in branch attendance

  1. Branches with high attendance
  2. Branches with low attendance
  3. How families choose which branches to visit
  4. The program differences in the Vancouver Downtown Eastside

C. VPL promotional channels

  1. The different marketing strategies used by the VPL
  2. How often promotional materials are updated
  3. Marketing budgets and how they change

D. Providing children’s social programs in Vancouver’s DTES

  1. Spreading information through the DTES about these programs
  2. Attendance rates of children’s programs in the DTES
  3. Specific challenges of setting up successful children’s programs

E. Information on the benefits of children’s literacy

  1. How children learn to read
  2. The long-term benefits of literacy in children


  1. Summary and overall interpretation of findings
  2. Recommendations

*I was having formatting issues as I tried to transfer my google doc/word document into WordPress. If this is an issue, please find attached my outline in word doc form, where it is formatted according to the textbook example.

Proposal Outline- Jenny Bachynski

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