EZproxy Changes: New Server/New Login Screen

As you have probably noticed, EZproxy has had a shake up. You may have become aware of the changes after you hit a “Click Here” for passwords or authentication and received an error message. Or a database became temporarily unavailable. Or you were surprised (and frustrated) by the new green & gold “EZproxy Login” page.


The EZproxy had to be moved to a new server. Some of the background for the reasons behind the move can be found in Rue’s RSVPN email [or see post below]. We had hoped the changes would be mostly behind the scenes (other than the new login page), obviously there were some angles we didn’t take into account. We are patching things as we go. Please email us with any problems you encounter.

Changes you will notice with the new EZproxy server? Obviously the login page. Barcode and PIN as before, but with room for CWL to be added later. Room, also, for more information, unlike the previous pop-up window. For those who set up password or authentication “Click Here”s, a new URL [contact eResources for details]. Some personal bookmarks may need to be changed. Also, see this *IMPORTANT* note about Barcode/PIN authentication:

“The patron barcode/PIN information in the authentication server is now being updated every 30 minutes. Once a patron’s PIN has been modified, it will be available to EZproxy within 30 minutes. To avoid confusion, please ensure that your patrons are informed of this delay after you have changed their PINs.” — Joerg Messer (Programmer/Analyst, Systems)

So, for at most 30 minutes after a patron changes their PIN it may work for their account, but not for the EZproxy. Other than that, patrons should find resources as accessible as before. Again, ANY eResource problems that pop up, please email us at lib-ejhelp@interchange.ubc.ca

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