Google Scholar & UBC eLink: Still a Mess

See the later post above. Or you can read about past problems

Rather than update the older post [ see Google Scholar Post ], I thought I’d start fresh.

In Google Scholar, if you search from a computer with a UBC IP address, you used to see the lovely eLink button button. Now, you see the words “UBC eLink” or “UBC Library Catalogue” hyperlinked. Clicking on these, it’s very hit-or-miss as to whether you get any joy (and you certainly don’t get the Catalogue!). And to make things worse, some links are going to our retired SFX server (any URL that begins “squamish” is out of date). UBC Systems is working hard to fix this. Google and the other players involved have been contacted repeatedly. We know this is frustrating to people who use Google Scholar. It’s frustrating to us. But don’t give up hope. It WILL get sorted. Stay tuned.

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