ECCO Ebooks – broken links from the Catalogue

*UPDATE* links to ECCO ebooks from the UBC Catalogue are working again. –Friday, August 6th.

Tuesday, Aug.3rd UPDATE: There is some progress to report. The vendor has found the source of the problem. Their programmers are working on the fix with the hope that access will be restored by Friday, Aug.6th. Please stay tuned and thank you for your patience.

Unfortunately we’re having problems with access to yet another set of ebook titles.    Links to Eighteenth Century Collections Online ebooks from the Catalogue are currently broken.  The good news is that you can access ECCO ebooks and content if you search directly from the resources page here. While we work with the vendor to get the catalogue linking resolved, please continue to report any access problem using our Help Form.  Hopefully the month of August will be a better one for ebook access!

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