Chrome Browser: Not Supported By EBSCOhost Databases

The Chrome browser from Google may be growing in popularity, but many vendors still only support the old standbys: Internet Explorer & Firefox (with some Safari).

EBSCOHost databases, for example, do not support Chrome. You can read their thoughts here. Basically, the .pdfs will not open up in the EBSCO built-in .pdf reader.

Rather than trying dubious work-arounds to get Chrome to work with EBSCOhost databases, please just use IE or Firefox.

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1 Response to Chrome Browser: Not Supported By EBSCOhost Databases

  1. Morgen says:

    Thank you for posting this. I have been having trouble with EBSCO all Summer, even got some help from your wonderful library chat people! I will use another browser from now on 🙂

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