Project Muse: Beta Site with eBooks Launched

Project Muse is doing two things in the new year: launching a new site and offering ebooks.

A pre-view beta site has been launched here.

The symbols on the left will clearly display the content that is currently available to UBC patrons. This will most likely change after the launch in January 2012, so browse and take advantage now. More info about the ebooks and the 2012 launch can be found here. NOTE: Open & Free titles on the beta site can be accessed from anywhere, BUT for our subscribed titles use this Library Resource page and go to the original site.

The beta site showcases Project MUSE’s sophisticated new cross-content, faceted search functionality, and allows browsing of books and journals side-by-side. A powerful new hierarchical subject structure permits users to drill down to the most relevant content, and encourages discovery. Over 300 digital books, from 27 publishers, are available for free sample access on the site during the beta period.” –Project Muse

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