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Where were you on Canada Day? I was on Toronto Island with the Toronto MOB for their end of the year social. A group of us came together for the day for a walk on the beach, lunch on the island, a bon fire and a great time with a guy named Craig who started our fire for us. Craig also eventually climbed a tree, jumped up and down like a monkey making monkey noises, and fell out of that tree. He’s also a pretty cool 20-something who makes nuclear reactors for the government.

I mention the MOB a lot in this blog. It is my life. I was the West-Coast MOB-Lead last year and current intern at the office. It’s definitely the coolest thing ever, no over exaggerating.

So what is the MOB? This Prezi explains it well, so does our annual report, but besides us being the coolest thing since the invention of the Easy-Bake Oven, we are a grassroots movement across Canada of upper high school to university aged youth determined to make a mark on the social issues of our generation. We support Free The Children, participate in all their campaigns, and directly sponsor villages in Ecuador, India and Haiti. At the end of each MOB year, we travel to those villages to participate in the community development work ourselves. Right now, (Mob)ilizers are in Ecuador and India doing that very thing.

We also support the philosophy of Me to We through socially conscious living. We have our own campaigns as a MOB, our own events and flash mobs and we volunteer at WE Day. We mobilize the masses to become a part of the movement with us. We reach out and bring in.

If you want to be a part of the MOB, please apply to join before July 26th. There are 26 MOB-Cities across Canada, including one in Vancouver which is lead by UBC students (woot woot). You can find the link here, or you can visit the website and have a look around and see if it’s for you. It’s a great way to get involved if you are a first year going to UBC and are looking for something to be engaged in. It brings together youth who are in upper high school or university from across the city. Check it out!

The Toronto MOB on Toronto Island!

JP and Gaby, one of our two Toronto MOB-Leads, eating some toasted marshmallows

Shane, one of the Toronto (Mob)ilizers

Toronto MOB gathered around the bonfire

Vicotria and Gaby, Toronto MOB-Lead, hugging it out

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