Rapid Transit Now.

You know how you always hear of the “Great Trek” and how this university was built by students? Dude- you can be a part of that.

I cannot express to you how passionate I am about speaking out that UBC needs rapid transit. I only wish it could come sooner. So far, UBC is at the BOTTOM of the list for rapid transit and that list goes for the next 30-40 years. Please visit this website to send an email to Metro Van and TransLink to let them know you want rapid transit too. Im not even a commuter student and I can understand the need for something more than the 99. SkyTrain baby, we need to rock one.

2 thoughts on “Rapid Transit Now.

  1. Valentina


    UBC isn’t actually at the bottom – it’s 2b on the list of priorities.

    I don’t know what to think about this… I get that our busses are pretty crowded, but the two priorities before us are Coquitlam and Surrey… I just think that there’s a reason behind us being third on the list (that there’s other places with longer commutes that contaminate more because of more cars).

    It seems kind of selfish that just because we can run a good campaign we may get the rapid line when other places need it more.. What do you think?

  2. jillslattery

    I’m a commuter and it takes me 1h10min to get to school everyday. This rapid transit business would not shorten my commute in anyway. What we really need to spend the money on is more busses running more frequently!

    I take the #44 to get to UBC and it only comes every 12 minutes, and it is always jam packed. They can spend wayyy less money by making busses run 2x more frequently and that would make a HUGE difference!

    I say no rapid transit. Plus its really ugly looking for such a nice neighbourhood like Kits and Point Grey. If I owned a 10million $$ house out there I would be super pissed.

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