Oh Hey from Toronto!

Okay so, you give me a hotel room, a king-sized bed, and a free evening in Toronto and I choose to take photos of myself with this kind of facial expression on Photobooth. Yeah, I’m not ashamed of my choices.

Right now, UBC has pulled me out of my campus habitat to share my daily experiences with prospective students in Toronto. I was flown out on Friday and spoke at two presentations at the Ontario Science Centre during the day on Saturday and man, I have to say, UBC has some pretty fantastic applicants coming their way.

For the last month, UBC gave myself and Quinn from UBC-V and Devin from UBC-O, flip cams for us to film our daily lives. Then, we were flown out of BC to Ontario to show this footage and talk about our experiences on campus. I got to brag about how amazing ubc rez is right next to the water, how one of my first year profs who currently teaching me again this term still remembers my name, and how UBC has given me the opportunity to try new things like soccer, flag football, and pole dancing through the AMS Mini School, just to name a few.

I can honestly say that I full-heartedly believe that UBC is the best school for prospective students who are thinking about university as more than just an education. It’s about experience, it’s about opportunity, it’s about being inspired, and it’s about being exposed to new ideas.

The best way I can describe my university experience is by telling you that I’m not trying to rush my degree and count down how many days I have left until I graduate, rather I’m trying to get as much as I can out of those days and I’m even consider staying longer than four years for those experiences. When choosing a university, the school you choose should feel that way to you, and for me UBC makes me feel that way and more. You’ll probably have to drag me out of this place kicking and screaming.

I want to say two things. The first, if you are a prospective student interested in UBC and want your questions answered about student life, that’s what I’m here for. Please contact me, even if you’re wondering where to get twin xl bed sheets. I’m your girl. The second, is that I want to thank UBC for giving me the opportunity to fly to Toronto and speak to prospective students. I’m passionate about UBC, the new-to-UBC experience, and the transition from high school to university. This event has been another opportunity for me to contribute to easing those experiences and transitions for others and has given me the opportunity to help those students get the right start they need going into their post-secondary education. UBC, you’re the best.

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  1. Liz

    I’m thinking about applying to UBC… the only problem is it’s so far away. (I live in Ontario). How often do you visit home? I was just wondering because it’s so expensive to fly from BC to Ontario…
    Thanks in advance.

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