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A Size 2 Body

Original Advertisement:

We all exist as consumers in a thin-obsessed culture where we are constantly surrounded by ads and industries that tell us that skinny is pretty. We are harassed by the message that being skinny is both sexy and desirable, and that we too could look like models if we super selective of what goes in our bodies. Ads featuring bone thin models promote unhealthy lifestyles for young girls who want nothing more than to look like the models they see in the Victoria Secret fashion show. This ‘ideal’ body that we see in ads is unattainable for the majority of women, and can be dangerous for girls who are in a vulnerable stage in their life and who might be persuaded into taking up unhealthy practices such as starving themselves to attain this desired look. Victoria’s Secret loves thin models and only features models who are a size 2 and below. This is not just discriminatory towards plus size women, but to all women. The ad above is from the lingerie section of the Victoria Secret store, and is promoting a style of lingerie called ‘body’ that includes both bras and underwear that are supposed to fit every kind of body. The ad states, “Body For Every Body” while it is not showing us every kind of body. It is excluding the type of body that real women have. This ad is telling us what the female body should look like, which is toned, tan and beautiful. These women are flawless and incredibly sexualized, and are what we as women are told to strive for but this should not be the case.


Jammed Version:

We see ads all the time displaying the ideal body with thin women and we know that this is not attainable yet we still are affected negatively by it. This ideal body is not what we should be striving for, its not for real women but Victoria Secret doesn’t want you to think this. They want you to buy this lingerie and believe that you too can one day look like these women. This ad is trying to target a larger audience by saying this line of lingerie is for anybody but this ad is definitely not meant for anyone with a body above a size 2. It is so ridiculous that we as a society are still striving for thinness when we know the majority of us cannot achieve it without skipping meals and cutting out delicious food items from our diet. In my Culture Jam, I replaced the word ‘Any’ with ‘The Size 2’ in the second line near the bottom of the photo. The original ad attempts to sell this style of lingerie to all women and ridiculously tries to say that anybody can wear this style, while it is being worn in the ad solely by thin models. By replacing the wording and having it say ‘A Body For The Size 2 Body’ I hope women see that these women are not something to look up to. Not all women are a size 0 and most women will never be no matter how hard the try. This ad tries to speak to all women but most women should choose not to listen. We should be loving our bodies regardless of its size, shape and colour. Victoria Secret is not for real women, and neither is this ad.

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