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The deadlines for ENVR 200, 300 and 400 term projects are fast-approaching. If you think you’d like a second opinion on your project, and if you’re interested in what your peers are working on, be sure to attend ESSA’s Peer Review Event next week on Monday, 5-7PM @ EOSM 121. You bring a copy of your project (limit – about 10 pages), you and your peers will provide excellent peer review, and ESSA will provide refreshments!

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6 thoughts on “ESSA Peer Review

  1. Hey guys,

    i am from germany, studying environmental sciences and im comming to ubc in the go global exchange program for year 2014/2015
    i was thinking to take one of the ENVR courses and have a few questions about them:
    do i need to take ENVR 200 in both terms or can i take it only in term 1 (sept-dez.2014)? Are there any field trips outside included in term 1? and are there many things that connect to local issues (Vancouver/ BC/ Canada)?

    what about ENVR 400 – what project could it be that students work on?

    Thanks a lot for your help.
    Many greetings,


    • Hi Christine,

      ENVR 200 is a one term course. You can take it either in 1st term or 2nd term. All field trips for ENVR 200 will only be held in the term that you are taking it. ENVR 200 is more of a broad overview of the environmental issues we face. There are some examples of local issues, but the focus is global. ENVR 400 is for students in fourth year. In that class students take on research projects paired with community members that we conduct research for. The projects vary each year depending on who the community partners are. I hope this answers your questions!

      • Hey, thanks a lot for your answer. It already helps quite a bit 🙂 how many field trips are there in ENVR 200 altogether? Am I somewhat able to see a bit of the surrounding area of Vancouver?
        Thanks again for answering me 🙂

  2. It seems my last messages wasnt able to be displayed.
    Here again:
    Thanks a lot your answer; it is very helpful =)
    Do you think ENVR 200 might give me a good insight into ecosystems around Vancouver – how many field trips are there?
    Thanks again!!
    Can you recommend any courses concering environment, nature, conservation etc. in general? =)

    • Hi Christine,

      I don’t really remember if ENVR 200 touches on ecosystems around Vancouver, but there is a research paper you need to write and you could focus yours on that, if you want. There were 2 field trips that I went on; the UBC farm and the Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability at UBC.

      Courses that I know about/have taken that focus on conservation are: GEOB 207/307/407 and BIOL 416/420. There are probably more courses that suite what you are looking for. To view the courses available at UBC, follow this link:

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