Another person on board :)

Hello all,

My name is Raafa Abdulla and I have been away from the program for two years due to some family commitments. I have an honours in medical biochemistry and another degree in Education-Math and Science from UBC. I was doing my honour research when I realized that I preferred my work as a physics TA over that. So I applied to study education and then I got hired to work as an IB Math teacher in Dubai-UAE. I have returned back to Canada this year and I am teaching AP Calculus and G12 calculus courses in an independent school in Vancouver BC. I love Technology so much and I like to include it in my classes as much as possible. However, my schools were always changing the platforms that we use for our resources and student connection. Nowadays there are so many platforms and tools that focuses on quantity not quality. The mass production of these softwares and the marketing behind them make it hard on us to decide which software/tool is best for our classes. I am hoping from this class to have some ideas on how critically evaluate these tools and know the business behind that.

This is me today on our first day welcoming our students back. My students’ attendance was 100% 😀

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  1. Erica Hargreave

    Welcome home to Canada, Raafa, and welcome back to MET. Congratulations on your new job at Crofton House.

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  2. Vijaya Jammi

    Hi Raafa, Welcome back to MET and glad that you are back in Canada. Appears you have had a happy and satisfactory start at your job. Good luck!

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  3. Grant MacLeod

    Hello Raafa,

    Nice to meet you and welcome back to the MET program. Looking forward to learning with you during this course.



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  4. adrian wheeler

    Hello Raafa,

    You have some very impressive accomplishments! Looking forward to learning with you

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  5. Laura Ulrich

    Hello Raafa,
    Welcome back! I feel your frustration about too many (and no great) platforms to choose from! That has been an ongoing issue in my own school, especially last spring when we all went online.
    Looking forward to learning with you,

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  6. tara davis

    Hi Raafa,
    It has been great to collaborate with you on our assignment together. You are so organized and helpful- a dream teammate!

    I am available all weekend to collaborate on our assignment, so I thought I’d just reach out here.


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