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Hello All,

I’m Sundeep and I am based in Surrey, BC. I am not a K-12 educator, but I have been an ESL instructor for adults and new immigrants for the past 10 years, 2 of those years have been as a language manager to approx. 30 plus teachers. I am passionate about learning and technology which is why the last 3 years I have spent completing my first Masters from the University of Calgary. Having loved that experience and also having a greater understanding of where I want to go I decided to pursue the MET degree. This is actually my first course in the program, and I’m really excited to start this.

As discussed, I am in the ESL field and work for a non-profit company in the lower mainland. However, I am also the de facto tech person in my region, a role I love and thrive on. Previous to becoming an ESL teacher, I was a programmer during the dot.com bubble and have always loved tinkering and getting lost in figuring out how to use and apply technology. I’m excited about being an educator right now; there is so much to learn and do and this course I think will really inspire me to think outside of the box and create something I am truly proud of.

On a personal note, I have 3 boys that are at times the bane, more often the boon of my existence, and always keep me grounded. My eldest is also studying at UBC, so its been fun telling people I go to the same school as my son!

To end, I am ready to learn and to be inspired by all of you and I hope we all have a successful year ahead.

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  1. Erica Hargreave

    Welcome to MET, Sundeep. I am curious, what area of study was your previous Masters in? I am also curious as to what area of studies your son is pursuing?

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  2. adrian wheeler

    Welcome Sundeep! Looking forward to learning with you!

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  3. raafa abdulla

    What a wonderful experience! I am sure you have helped many Arabs (thank you very much). My family came from an Arabic country and we have volunteered for many years as translators for the Syrian refugees (who are all Canadians now).

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  4. tara davis

    Hi Sundeep,
    I liked to learn more about how you were a programmer during the dot.com bubble. I have an idea that I’d like to develop throughout the MET program (this is my first course). It would be great to pick your brain and see what you think is possible. No good idea is worth anything with a bit of execution, eh?

    I love that your son goes to UBC. My dad is a professor at UBC, so it has been funny to be a student where he works.

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