Analyst Report: Revolution Lightboards

This is my Analyst Report on Revolution Lightboards who are one of the founding companies of the Lightboard. Along with an assortment of lightboards, studio kits and DIY components, this company remains true to their Open Source origins by maintaining a series of resources designed to support individuals who wish to build their own lightboards rather than purchasing them.

This analyst report will provide an overview of Revolution Lightboards, share some academic theory that supports the use of a lightboard, as well as share some grounded considerations that one must evaluate before purchasing a lightboard. This analysis will also evaluate Revolution Lightboard’s position within their own market segment. Also it will review whether their open source resources are a benefit to the company in attracting a different segment of their market or whether they are cannibalizing sales from their principle product.

You can access my Analyst Report here

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  1. Alice Shin

    Hi, Julio!

    I’m just confirming the link for Market Research is supposed to go http://www.the Calgary news?

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    1. julio palacios

      Hi Alice. Thank you so much for catching the mis-redirecting link. I’ve updated it now. 🙂

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  2. sarka kubelikova

    Thanks for sharing. I am currently looking at a variety of different ways to create engaging lessons on not so engaging topics. I have seen several instruction videos using this Type of technology and it seems to make the lessons more engaging, that being said I wonder how much practice on the correct positioning of the speaker and clothing colour effects how the audience are able to follow along. Interesting post.

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