Welcome to my A3. Every year Canada increases the immigration levels, resulting in more new immigrants entering the workforce which translates to corporations and business having an increase in international employees. However, companies also need to understand how subtle differences in cultural and language nuances can affect employees.

CWTS – Corporate World Training Solutions is an online learning platform dedicated to enhancing the feeling of belonging for all workers regardless of their backgrounds and helping them integrate into the workforce with confidence.  

My elevator and venture pitch can seen here:

Corporate World Training Solutions

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  1. julio palacios

    An interesting solution with a sophisticated presentation. This venture holds a personal value to me as I worked internationally for several years. I can attest that navigating cultural and social barriers is a real hurdle for both employees and employers. A subtle improvement would be to make your navigation a bit more pronounced. I almost missed the hidden menu.

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  2. sundeep lail

    Thanks julio for the feedback.
    I was thinking that as well, you confirmed it.

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  3. sarka kubelikova

    A well put together presentation. Your elevator pitch hit all of the major points and your venture pitch had great research to support the need for your program. I am an immigrant myself so had an instant connection to your idea as I have many stories of culture shock and having to figure out how to navigate the “new system” of my new life. There is a definite application to the real world here.

    Good work!

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  4. EmilyChen

    REVIEW: I love how much energy you have in your elevator pitch. It made me feel like you really believe in what you do, and it definitely helped with persuading me to invest. You outline the key problem very clearly, and I think it’s a real problem that a lot of us can relate to. You introduced some numbers when outlining the problem which were very compelling. Given all the information, I would want to invest in your venture!

    FEEDBACK: If this was a real venture pitch, I would suggest that you breakdown the slides even more so there’s less information on each page so you can change the pages faster. I think it will help make the venture pitch video more engaging. The content itself is great thought!

    Thanks for sharing!

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  5. adrian wheeler

    Quite a good venture pitch with an interesting and well thought out premise. If I can offer a couple small pieces of feedback I would suggest shortening the elevator pitch somewhat as it is over the 1min maximum and I would be weary of stretching graphics (such as in the second “problem” slide). Other than those two (very minor) pieces of feedback I think it was an excellent pitch

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  6. Alice Shin

    Hi, Sundeep,

    As I have taught Adult ESL in the past and have worked in corporate environments in HR, I appreciate the solution you are offering particularly in light of the global hunt for talent. Considering the cost and effort that goes into it, once you secure those key individuals, you absolutely want to keep them!

    Here’s my review:

    Your Elevator Pitch was well-laid out, easy to follow, and clearly identified and described a relevant need in a specific area of HR.

    Your Venture Pitch sought to outline in further detail how CWTS would meet the need of onboarding, employee engagement, and cultural inclusion. What I would like to see is a bit more detail, particularly regarding your competitive analysis, and how CWTS would uniquely fill the need at hand. I also would like to know who your target market is – ANY company or industry that hires immigrants or particular sectors (for ex. tech co’s that have the funds and motivation to be able to pay for the type of consulting work you offer as well as the desire to develop their culture)?. Painting a picture by identifying main types of issues that would be encountered in your target markets and examples of the methods you would be helpful in differentiating your offering as well.

    As Jamie mentioned in a previous post, there are few non-K-12 ventures submitted here and its nice to review another. Good work!

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