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COVID-19 has changed our lives, especially student’s well-being. As an educator and curriculum developer, students’ mental health is close to my heart as we can help students develop grit and resilience.

In other words, how do we promote a balanced mindset to thrive in this unpredictable world?

We propose the Cedar App. Each mindfulness session is accompanied by a lesson plan that fits with the BC Education Curriculum’s core and curricular competencies. Our Cedar app uses LiDAR sensors. It is a data collection system that provides 3-D information for an area of interest. This would be the first LiDAR meditation app in the current market. The global mindfulness meditation apps market is predicted to have a market opportunity of USD 2.1 billion in the next five years.

Why Cedar App?

The name Cedar comes from my journey of awareness in finding balance. Through meditation and hikes, breathing travels deep within, bringing a sense of grounded connection. Cedar represents enduring strength. Students will benefit from learning mindfulness through the Cedar App.

Our goal is to promote mental health awareness in BC Schools.

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  1. Grant MacLeod

    Hi Amanda,

    I really enjoyed your elevator pitch. It made me feel calm and relaxed, which is something I needed this morning so thank you. I think that was what you were aiming for, at least I hope. I can see that you have a passion for mental health and the importance of mindfulness. This was very evident in your elevator and venture pitch. This passion you have is what can help give you the drive to make a venture like this succeed. I agree that in todays world, especially with the current pandemic, many people including students are suffering from increased anxiety and depression. So I think this makes your idea a very good one!

    I thought your venture pitch had a good amount of detail covering all the bases for a venture pitch and I think it shows that you have a good understanding of the market which is key. I know you have tried to set your venture apart from others by focusing on BC schools and utilizing a unique technology in LIDAR but I’m just curious about how you envision this LIDAR technology working which your app? Is the app going to use immersive technology like AR to visualize these Lidar created environments? If so, will there be a requirement for AR goggles? I like the idea, but how do you see this all working? Some more details here would be great. Hopefully these are not tough questions, I am just curious because I have some experience using LIDAR tech for mapping purposes (coastal shorelines, shallow bays, etc.) and think the technology is really cool and it is advancing really well. Overall, I really enjoyed your venture and I think it has really good potential. Your website was also nicely laid out, very easy to follow, and you had some really nice visuals too.

    Thanks for sharing,


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    1. AmandaKong

      Hi Grant

      Thanks for the kind words. As for LiDAR technology, the goal is to build a personalized calming environment for each and every student. Using Cedar App, they will scan a “space” to create an accurate 3D map for an augmented reality experience. This technology is relatively new in the consumer market, as such, I will be exploring and learning the current implementation of LiDAR on our devices.

      In your professional experience, what are some challenges utilizing LiDAR for mapping purposes?

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  2. Rachel

    Hi Amanda,
    This is such an amazing idea that the market can really Cedar app now. Though working with different student group, I also observe the high level of anxiety students are dealing with. I appreciate how you incorporate First Peoples Principles of Learning in your content design too and because of the nature (pun intended) of your concept, it fits perfectly.
    Another thing I like about is the research you did on eligible grants and it actually makes the app stands out more and differentiates itself from some similar but for-profit meditation apps.
    I’m not familiar with the use of LiDAR technology so it’s difficult for me to envision what the app would look like. However, I trust with some grants and funding coming in, prototype would become available for demonstration?
    Thanks for this wonderful venture project!

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    1. AmandaKong

      Hi Rachel

      Thanks for the support. A prototype is definitely possible with financial support from grants and other applicable sources. I am glad that you found that Cedar App may help students with high anxiety and stress. Classrooms today will benefit from mindfulness and meditation.

      I am very interested in developing new ways to incorporate and integrate FPPLs (First Peoples Principles of Learning) in our classrooms and schools. I am curious how are some ways you feel FPPL can be more present in classrooms?

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  3. sundeep lail

    Hi Amanda
    I love this concept and it is so relevant in todays market. Your pitch was very soothing.
    A couple of comments would be to maybe market to more than just a COVID situation, its something that will be needed way beyond COVID. As a venture capitalist, I wouldn’t want to invest in something that may not be needed down the line.
    I also agree with Grant, it would be nice to put in something about logistics and how it would all come together.
    Otherwise, I feel it is a strong concept.
    Good luck.

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    1. AmandaKong

      Thanks, Sundeep. Cedar App would remain relevant beyond COVID as mental health issues will always be important.

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  4. johannes dirk wielenga

    Hey Amanda,
    First off, great job with the aesthetic! From the very outset your presentation made me feel a bit more tranquil.

    Elevator Pitch: I appreciate the subtle audio in the background and the image/video selections – it really lends to the idea of mindfulness, so I find it quite successful! I think it might have been good to have a few images/video of the CEO, the app, the business, or something of this nature, just 1 tangible connection to your product (though I suppose the vast amount of cedars shown in the pitch does help to make the connection). Overall, it’s a successful pitch that relates the problem and offers the solution in a succinct manner!

    Venture Pitch: I like how your venture pitch is succinct and includes a lot of important information for the potential investor. One thing I would wonder as an investor, though, is how your product differentiates from others on the market. You do go into detail about things that seemingly make your invention different, but how does the investor know that other companies are not doing the same thing? I guess what I mean to say is that your Differentiation portion is a bit to passive, maybe. I do see that you have some information in the “competitors” section, but perhaps these two sections could have been combined somehow and made to go a bit deeper. I do like the breakdown you have in your “ask” section; the information seems plausible and I think the hyperlinks are a good addition. Overall, good job, and again, great aesthetics – it gives me confidence in your product as an investor.

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    1. AmandaKong

      Hi Johannes

      Thanks for the feedback. For the elevator pitch, I debated on whether to film myself, but I wanted to instill the mood and mindset of stillness in meditation. I am happy to hear that it made you feel tranquil and calm.

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  5. Feng Mao

    Hi Amanda,

    I share the sentiments of others about your elevator pitch. The music, the mountain video made me very relaxed while listen to your narrative. 2020 has been a very memorable year for us as our life has changed a lot since the pandemic. The uncertainty of the future has created stress and anxiety to many us. There are more mental health support for the adults but not a lot for children. The Grade 9-12 group of children is in a very delicate stage as they may have adult appearance but mentally are still children and need guidance to learn how to coop the uncertainty and the unpredictable situation. Your App would meet the demand of this group of children. As an investor I definitely see the potential and would love to chip in if I could get more information about the content you would cover in your app and the differentiation from other mental support apps in the market.

    Thanks for sharing your elevator and venture pitches, looking forward to test out your app.

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    1. AmandaKong

      Hi Feng Mao

      Happy to hear that you would chip in. I, too look forward to the prototype as I see the value in increasing mental health awareness in schools. Thanks for the encouragement.

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  6. Erica Hargreave

    Hi Amanda,

    Just wanted to mention that I love the branding here. Cedar is such a perfect name for a mindfulness app, being the tree of life for many First Nations in the Pacific North West. The Coast Salish believe that by leaning on the cedar tree, it’s strength will flow into you and restore you. Its boughs were often used in ceremonies too, as well as numerous other uses of the cedar tree.

    Gave me a sigh just reading the name.


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    1. AmandaKong

      Hi Erica

      I am glad that Cedar App helped you relax. Thanks for the support and positivity.

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