Matthias Krampe – founder of Auggd Media

Matthias is the founder and managing director of Auggd Media which is an Augmented Reality service provider. I have been research and using AR tools for the past five years, and the obstacle that I have faced the most is that most of them are very gimmicky. It is the ‘dancing pink dinosaur’ on the table example of the use of AR. What I appreciate about Auggd Media is that they have really thought through the use of AR in a wider context including business, construction, training and education. I am particularly impressed with their ability to offer a platform where educational institutions can offer their own training where students create their own experiences. Auggd Media have partnered with an impressive array of different types of businesses and organizations with a strong focus on moving past the ‘wow factor’ of AR technology.

I was particularly impressed with Matthias’ path to co-founding Auggd which has a clear focus on niche technologies and finding solutions to very contemporary and real issues using technology. It is inspiring to see someone gather managerial experience and then use that experience to start their own company. It is something to think about int he world of so many tech startups which do not succeed – is it lack of experience rather than a lack of a good idea?

I actually reached out to Matthias via LinkedIn and got a response to chat about their education use and research – very exciting!

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  1. Connie Sim

    Hi Siobhán,
    I really enjoyed reading your post! Like you, I have always imagined the opportunities AR could provide in education. There are a few things I am curious about: What was the drive behind the launch of Auggd Media? Did Matthias stumble upon the opportunity of was the company founded based on needs? You also mentioned that you had a chat with Matthias about their research; how does the company implement the research findings in practice?

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  2. SallyB

    Hi Siobhan,
    I agree, it’s impressive to see Matthias’ business and communication background link so effectively to ventures in AR/VR.
    It’s interesting that the only information I could find about Auggd’s team is two sentences on their website; I’d really like to know more about the founders, CFO, board members etc.

    One thing I’ve noticed as I read through the “Founders Parade” is that there is no perfect profile for being a successful entrepreneur in the EdTech space. Founders and CEO’s seem to come from all walks of life and bring a plethora of experiences and insights. Matthias’ background/experience is obviously serving him well with this venture, as noted on their site, Auggd has become a revenue funded business built around an emergent technology. It leads me to believe that more important than having ‘the right’ skills or even background, is being self-aware enough to recognize your own strengths/weaknesses and savvy enough to recruit and maintain a skilled team to help your vision/idea succeed.


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