Dr Marx Dixon – Founder of Sparx Maths

Marx Dixon, founded Sparx Maths in 2010. Sparx Math is a learning platform that supports teachers with the use of technology in teaching Math. Sparx Maths provides benefits to students, teachers and school leaders, and parents. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, Sparx Maths provides personalized learning for students, powerful insights for teachers to track student progress and resource for parents to student their child’s education.


Dr Mark Dixon started his career studying statistics, science, education, renewable energy and sports. Dr. Dixon holds a BSc in Mathematics and a PhD in Statistics. In 1998, Mark founded ATASS, a statistical research consultancy providing modelling and analysis for the sports industry. In 2010, Dr. Dixon created Sparx, an educational technology company whose goal was to improve numeracy.

Sparx Maths



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  1. shaun holma

    I think Marx is a good role model. As a hypothetical user, say a parent, of this platform I’d get the impression of a planned and organized environment. Moreover, this platform communicates that I will stay informed and be provided with important insights into my child’s learning. This suggests Marx is considering the power of perception in his design…such a critical part of attaining buy-in.

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