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LIFE CODE is a technology company I founded to provide comprehensive sexual education (CSE) courses. We are committed to expanding the popularity of worldwide CSE, starting with the Chinese market. CSE can assist people in acquiring appropriate knowledge at different ages, effectively preventing the spread of diseases, and establish positive values, including respect for human rights, gender equality, and pluralism. LIFE CODE adopts the OMO (Online Merge Offline) model to provide effective solutions to society’s lack of sexual education.

Elevator Pitch

Venture Pitch

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  1. luke pereira

    HI Menghan, I really liked the idea of Life code. I did find the elevator pitch video moving to quickly for me to read the content. I had to stop and pause to read most of it. There was lot of content to take in. I also missed the CSE platform slide and had to go back thinking, was this an app or a website platform. In the venture pitch, I liked the approach on how you laid out the reasons life code is a suitable venture. However, in the invest section, I was not sure on the The OMO (online merge offline) terminology.
    Overall, I liked the idea and hope to see a working education platform you had mentioned in a prototype to gauge my interest.

    Thank you!

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  2. Simin Rupa

    Hi Menghan,
    I really like the idea of a portable course that touches on these key concepts. I found your pitch video to be very quick, and as a result, I missed many points, perhaps narrowing those focus points would be an effective method of communicating your product. Furthermore, I would have loved it if you addressed any competition, or indicated any movement towards inclusive Sex Ed in China. Furthermore, I love your UNESCO and content layout, an example of what this content/lesson may look like may be necessary as the education system in China is different from that in North America, and thus investors may require more clarity. OVerall I like your idea, content and goals you have created, with more information about the implementation plan I would invest.

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  3. michael orlandi

    Hi Menghan,

    You picked a great topic for the A3 assignment. Your background of being exposed to different cultures gives you great insight to the topic. I really enjoyed how all the content could be offered in conservative, standard or open minded format. The idea of being able to reach out to a doctor or counsellor through a couple clicks on a smartphone would be wonderful. Overall I like the idea and think it has potentially. As for areas of improvement, I would agree with the comments above about the elevator pitch being to fast. It would be nice to see more information on the market of sex education. Where around the world it has been successful and how big of an industry is it. You did a good job expressing the need in China, but some evidence of success would be nice.
    Overall, I thought it was a great idea and you presented it well.

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  4. Siobhán McPhee

    Hi Menghan,

    I really appreciated all the background work you did on what the your app is needed – really through and informative. It is certainly a need in many parts of the world beyond China as well. I found your elevator pitch a little overwhelming with a lot of information that I could not keep up with at the speed it moved through the content. I see that you have through about the challenge of getting an app and content like this through a bureaucratic system, but it would have been good to hear more. I am also a little unclear as to exactly what the app will deliver in terms of content and how this content will be gathered. It would have been good to also see what competitors you have identified, if any, even if these are in other countries beyond China.

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  5. paul johnson

    This is a great idea. Knowledge is protection and this venture highlights that fact and would work to drive awareness and change.

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