A3- Edmodo 2.0

Hello everyone! For this assignment, I am pitching as the new CEO of Edmodo. Here are the links to my new venture- Edmodo 2.0:

Elevator Pitch

Full Venture Pitch

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  1. Josh Wood

    FEEDBACK – Connie, as a previous Edmodo user I really like your suggestions for improving the LMS! My concern is that these improvements may not be significant enough for customers to transition to Edmodo 2.0 instead of an LMS that is already working well for them. What is your strategy to have customers make this transition?

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  2. Adrian Granchelli

    Hi Connie,
    The LMS market is a competitive one – there is even open-source (free) options, such as Moodle. You have some great ideas on how to improve the LMS experience, and maybe they could also work as add-ons to an LMS. I particularily like your thoughts on how to speed up content creation. There are some similiratites with Canva, which is a cloud based graphic design program, with access to a lot of pre-made content that is easy to use. Podcast here: How I Built This (https://www.npr.org/2021/02/26/971813519/canva-melanie-perkins-2019).

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  3. Menghan Guo

    Hello, Connie. Thank you for sharing your new idea. I enjoy your upgrades to the LMS, particularly the content creation and alerting to trainers. These enhanced features are beneficial to students’ learning. However, I don’t know anything about Edmodo before, and I want to know how much the annual plan costs for the current edition and how many customers it has had.  It will be better for me, as an investor, to evaluate the market and whether the current upgraded version will be profitable if comparison information and analysis can be included on the webpage.

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  4. shaun holma

    Hi Connie, Edmodo 2.0 is timely and beneficial. In the past few years, skill in rapid eLearning development has become an expected quality of corporate designers so your first goal of your product is valuable. However, your ask of $200 000 seems quite low for designing a system capable of converting content into different formats in a few clicks. I also like the idea of holding employees accountable but am not convinced your solution satisfies this goal. Many of the top LMSs have a flexible content library and support user-generate content, and some are now using AI technology for recommending training and understanding needs at an individual level. Further, in regard to progress and tracking, I don’t see much of differentiation in your product from your competitors. Notifications, isolated analytics, and visual trends are commonplace among top corporate LMSs.

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  5. Lyon Tsang

    Hi Connie! I’m sold on the 24/7 phone support — even better if there’s live chat as well, with some sort of screen-sharing functionality built in so that both parties can show and follow. As others have said above, there’s definitely a lot of learning management systems to choose from out there. Your venture makes me wonder if marketing one around (1) incredible support and maybe (2) genuine and quality engagement with community would help draw investors (and buyers) — all I know is that instructors and admins who have struggled in some way with a LMS before (all of us) would appreciate that!

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  6. paul johnson

    Connie, I liked the pitch. The best part for me was the competition page where you outlined the offerings of the competition and the strengths and weaknesses they have relative to Edmodo 2.0. It is good to see where the competition has strengths and where they have weaknesses which outlines the pain point the Edmodo 2.0 is trying to fulfill.

    You presented some great ideas for the tiered services offering. I think this is a great idea as it provides potential users with an access point to the technology. If I were an investor, I would like to see this kind of access because it leads to a larger customer base and promotes potential ubiquity of the product and brand recognition. I think this is important because if you can become a solution that people have heard of then they are likely to consider the service to fulfill their needs.

    I am also not a business person so I agree with your statements around the difficulty of coming up with some sort of value for the company. I think maybe the next staff member would be a CFO?

    Your reflective thoughts outlined the weaknesses and strengths of your pitch nicely. Great work, clean look and clear messaging. I liked it!

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