Real MET student venture – Nature Exposed

Hi class,

I have launched a real venture that utilizes micro-learning in art & apparel.

Each design is paired with a caption that explains the artwork and natural phenomena. The caption provides a bite-sized piece of learning to share an understanding.

I am interested in your thoughts, feedback, and recommendations. Especially now that we have come to the end of our class discussing new ventures.

Check out our website here:

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5 responses to “Real MET student venture – Nature Exposed”

  1. luke pereira

    Hi Adrian, the talent in this is mind blowing especially since you have created it from scratch. I love the unique aspect of it as opposed to similar Tshirt companies with graphic Ts.

    Besides T-shirts, are there plans for any other clothing pieces like hats or even maybe other apparel.
    An idea for T-shirts would be maybe braille apparel but using buttons for the braille dots. Would be fun and would bring awareness for visually impaired too and perhaps have short texts converted to braille stitched on there.

    but this is a great initiative and good luck!


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    1. Adrian Granchelli

      Thanks Luke!

      One day I will get more apparel – first will likely be tote bags. Great idea with braille. I know of some ink additives that puff up to give a 3D texture.

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  2. brendan stanford

    Hi Adrian,

    I love the aesthetic your designed these shirts to have! I’m curious; what “pain point” are you striving to address by making these, and what kind of audience were you targeting?


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    1. brendan stanford

      No, I could not invest without knowing what the problem being addressed and target audience is; if I were to act as a middle school teacher/administrator EVA, I would want to know that I have something to offer in the deployment of this product and that it benefits the student population in relation to their curriculum.

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  3. greg patton

    As an investor, I would not invest in this venture. The Pain Point seems very vague/non-existent; not enough science and math clothing apparel options? The solution of Bite-Sized Learning is intriguing, but in reality would be remarkably hard to read by someone unless they stopped the wearer and had them hold the back of their shirt out. The Champions of this venture, Adrian and Natasha seem passionate and wholeheartedly behind their venture, yet I see no entrepreneurship in their backgrounds or proof of them successfully running other ventures. There doesn’t seem to be an ask or return except if you purchase a product.
    As a consumer, I would unreservedly buy this product. The designs shown are eye-catching and I love that they make every effort to make sure their product is environmentally friendly, sustainable, and sweatshop free. Plus I grew up on Vancouver Island so I’m biased. I did try to purchase a shirt but they were out of a lot of stock. I will be going back to their website to check when they are back in stock.

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