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Excited to share my venture with you all — click here to read more about WRITEWRITEWRITE!



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  1. Josh Wood

    FEEDBACK – Lyon, I really how your venture allows writers to improve with an engaging format. One question I have is about the feedback system writers will participate in (how the reviewer score works). I have been in online classes where peers gave feedback, and the quality of what I received was often poor. How might users ensure they get quality feedback? Could there be a premium membership where professionals gave feedback?

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  2. Adrian Granchelli

    Hi Lyon,

    I like your idea and that writewritewrite revolves around community. I wonder if a lo-tech version (ie. assignment how-tos and instructions for teachers) can be made as a starting point ans used in a classroom to test out the process and work out any issues.

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  3. SallyB

    Hi Lyon,
    I wasn’t ‘assigned’ this venture for review but felt compelled to post. 🙂

    I LOVE this idea!
    I like Josh’s point about the quality of feedback, but I also see you have suggested a scoring system for the feedback role, which I think would help a great deal. (it’s been quite successful with Air bnb). I also suggest that research behind Peer Scholar (https://support.peerscholar.com/hc/en-us/articles/360036212733-Why-Use-peerScholar-Video) suggests that a certain number of peer feedback, on average, can be as good as a professional’s feedback. Peer Scholar also scaffolds the feedback process to ensure students learn how to give effective feedback. I think this would be important with your product/community too, and I’d expect there would be relatively simple ways to build this into the process. (ex: Maybe have feedback forms that align with specific types of writing prompts that can become increasingly complex).

    I like the idea of mobile friendly but wonder how to write effectively on a mobile phone. Am I the only one who still misses my blackberry with its physical keyboard?! (I might be!) I have gone through phases of using text-to-speech with my phone though, and that might be something fun to explore with a writing platform/community too.

    I wonder if having tiered participation (similar to duolingo) would be possible too? So instead of committing to 40 minutes per day, what if you could sign up for 10 minutes per day? (5min write and 5min feedback)?

    Sorry this isn’t a very structured comment. I think the components you’ve brought together are solid and would be make a really engaging writing community.

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  4. tiffany ku

    Hi Lyon, excellent venture! I agree that writing is indeed challenging, it is a muscle that needs to be exercised often. In a way, you’ve just gamified writing practice! I also appreciate that writewritewrite is so accessible to anyone that has a smart device. I think there is a great value in being able to get feedback from so many different people with various backgrounds and experiences because it just makes the suggestions and ideas that you get as feedback so much richer. I think back to when I used to write for my English teacher rather than for myself, because I knew that he was the one that was going to grade it and give me a mark. So opening up the platform to the world will only generate more possibilities that otherwise might not have been inspired. Do you have an idea of how a class would be able to use your platform together? Because I can easily see this being integrated in a k-12 classroom! Great work!

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  5. analesa crooks-eadie

    Hi Lyon, I think this is a great idea and I like the elements that you add to it such as feedback and the easy accessibility, however, I still don’t see what makes you stand out from your competitors. As a visual person, I found your venture a bit wordy as I kept reading. There’s no market analysis to compare your venture to, as an investor how do I know if this is an attractive market?

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  6. paul johnson

    Hello Lyon, I liked the idea for the pitch. Promoting writing as a habit is a fantastic idea. I do wonder how the age of the user plays into the feedback portion of the system. Would a grade 7 student receive the same feedback as a university student? Maybe a subcategory with age and experience? Feedback is fantastic for improving writing but also has a capacity to be destructive depending on the constitution of the writer. I wonder if another feature could be an internal achievement system, like Duolingo, so that there are layers of engagement for users and the ability to grow and reach out for feedback on the users terms. This type of layered feedback may mitigate the destructive capacity of negative feedback and afford the user with a sense of safety while learning.

    I found the page a little difficult to follow because of the blog format. Maybe more clear navigation to information with posting or tagging might help to make navigation easier. Overall I very much liked the idea.

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